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May 6, 2010

Want to get found locally online ? Your Solution “LOCAL” Internet Advertising & Public Relations Campaigns

Why do you want great local search results for your website or business ?

If you are a local business, 90% of all purchases are made “Offline” within 50 miles of a person’s home, according to a 2009 Internet Marketing survey about shopping locally and using local Internet. 83% of U.S. households are now using the Internet to find goods and services – even locally. BIA Kelsey Group Google still sets the pace as the #1 search engine. and WebSuccessToday.NET helps your business
get placed online on page 1 of Google and the other top search engines… Get found locally online …

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If you need … To get found Locally online (on the Internet) … or

1. Start A Business Online, an Internet Venture, or Website Development or Enhancement or Contact Us and we will possibly partner with you to help you start a business or share one of our business models with you.

2. Launch a Professional Internet Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Marketing Campaign or

3. Get found locally online with a LOCAL Internet Advertising or Public Relations Campaign or

4. Get your business or website found LOCALLY online in top FREE Classified Ad Sites, Directories, Maps, and Search Engines like Google, Yahoo,,, or and many other Search Engines …

Then You Are in the Right Place !

It is rare that you find a company with both Business development and Internet development and Marketing experience …

We not only understand the Internet and how to help you get found online locally but,  we understand Business how to develop and market your business or organization. has

  • 16 years of intense Internet Business Development, Web Development, and Internet Marketing experience
  • 15 years of experience in offline Advertising & Public Relations Agencies, Venture Capital, Business Start-ups and business and also non-profit organization development.

Its the combination of this experience that makes a difference in helping you utilize the
best of the best practices and latest Internet innovations to launch or develop your…

  1. Internet Business Venture or Project and Web Development
  2. Unique Internet Business Models and Growth Strategies
  3. We can help you add professional legitimate Income streams to your website
  4. Create a Result Oriented Marketing Plan of Action
  5. Implement and Launch an Online Internet Marketing Campaign with Successful Results that CAN be Proven

We understand and excel in all aspects of Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Marketing, Internet Business, and Web Development, SEO and Internet Marketing.  We are experts in helping you get found locally online and getting your website and Internet listings ranked on Page 1 of Google and other search engines.

However, we not only have excellent methods of helping your website or business get found in the Search Engines or get found locally online through these various methods but we have a proven technique to help you stand out and even dominate your competition online.